TANZANIA presents unique adventurous opportunities for those looking for authentic experiences of nature .Blessed with huge numbers of mixed game roaming the parks and grazing freely .And if you are a kind of traveler who is much moved to nature and culture of Africa then be rest assured that Tanzania is your best recommended country to visit as she offers the vast majority of of wild animals in its national parks than any Country in Africa which including tallest mountain Kilimanjaro , most popular national parks like Serengeti , Ngorongoro where wild animals live together with human being in peace.
AFRICAN HERITAGE;Tanzania is the only African nation and in the world whose tribes represent all four of the African continent's major ethnolinguistic groups BANTU,CUSHITIC,NILOTIC,and KHOISAN and are found in Himo a small town in the district of Makuyuni which is the province of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
BEACH EXPERIENCE; Within Tanzania you will find the Islands of Zanzibar treasured magnificent beauty of the best recommended tourist destinations for travelers with interest to SEA ,SAND and SUN but also historical and cultural experience . Be rest assured that Jambo Trips is fully prepared and equipped to offer you all these experience you might never had about Africa
WORLD HERITAGE; Nothing makes this world so special and very wonderful than the existence of genuine nature reserves, you can be be amazed to discover that Tanzania has offered her 25% of land to preserve nature and keep the world heritages of which many current and future generations need to see and enjoy really life experience . I never knew that three quarters of all lions in the world are in Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro and Tanzanite ???Do you really know that Tanzania is the only Country in Africa and the world of which its map looks like the map of Africa Continent ??
Do you really know that the tallest tree in the Africa continent is in Tanzania a rare species, called Entandrophragma Excelsum, and stands 81.5m (267ft) tall.??Do you really know that the deepest lake in Africa continent and the second in the world is in Tanzania ( Lake Tanganyika) ?? Do you really know that the Africa tallest Mountain is in Tanzania ( Mount Kilimanjaro) ?? You can now book your trip with us and enjoy the best of the wildlife experience in Tanzania, whether you are abroad planning to visit Africa or in Zanzibar and are interested to discover please feel free to contact us to visit any of the most popular Safaris destinations in Tanzania and the world