The Tanzanian Western Circuit Safaris; have much to offer to travelers with interests to experience the really nature and world heritage Tanzania wildlife safaris have to offer especially for those who wish to spend their holiday away from overcrowded tourist destinations in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Western as well as Southern circuit safaris stand as the best option for they are less visited tourist destinations unlikely to other very popular Tanzanian wildlife safari destinations and it`s because hasn`t been given more advertisement compare to the rest others,  yet the fact is the circuit has fantastic tastes which can bring to yourself new experiences each day .

You are to be introduced to the homes of the vast majority of mammals and reptiles but fauna as well , here you will shall be amazed to see velvet monkeys, impalas, wild cats , elephants , rock hyrax , crocodiles , snakes like python , monitor lizards , agama lizard , pancake and leopard tortoises , and some fishes like perch and tilapia and much more. This circuit is rich in geographical features which are most attractive and idealed for hiking.

Most of the destinations in this circuit gives you many options of things to do like games drive, hiking and trekking, walking safaris, fishing and culture all to ensure you enjoy and get the meaningful unforgettable experience of nature and hospitality of the Tanzanian people. Here you have a chance to visit some or all National parks listed here below through the packages which can suits your desire but also can be customized to meet our customer`s choice .

  • Katavi National Park
  • Mahale National Park
  • Gombe Reserve
  • Saanane National Park
  • Rubondo National Park
  • Kitulo National Park

More information about these destionations and a possibility to visit are provided for you from our team of professional and expertise to help you make your travel plan successiful and remarkable, you can contact anytime .

You are most welcomed.